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Ohmigawd! It's Oh My God, October 28th


Oh My God
with Starling Electric
and The Fluoride Program
Friday, October 28

Doors - 9 pm, Show - 10 pm

$8 for 21+, $10 for 18+

At Lansing's Temple Club
500 East Grand River Ave.

"Chicago rock trio oh my god is powered by overdriven organ, nasty bass guitar, pounding drums and some surprising pop hooks. Imagine the Doors, if they'd been on SST, or Freddy Mercury fronting a punk band. No guitars here--they've been co-opted by the organ-and-Leslie combo." --

"Sounds like a Christian-rock band? It's not. But oh my god doesn't have a notarized contract on file at the devil's office, either. THIS CHICAGO ROCK BAND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH GOD OR SATAN..." --

I've lost count now how many times I've had the earthly pleasure of seeing Oh My God play their sanctified organ-bass-drums rock and roll. They are consumate showmen, fiercely talented musicians, and really fun people to hang out with, too. You should come to the show!

[or catch them at a gig near you]

Stargrazer LLC is pleased to offer this poster (click on the image for a closer look) for their October 28 performance!

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They are currently in the UK/Scotland, for those OCC'ers across the pond.10/12/2005 11:55:58 PM
Peter... your posters look great!10/14/2005 7:24:09 AM
thanks, nick!10/14/2005 11:43:15 AM
hell yeah! amazing poster peter!10/15/2005 11:01:23 PM
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