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Cubasis question


 hellllo everyone i have the computer program, cubasis (electronic/recording music), but  no idea how to use it or the input devices needed. does anyone have this system or one like it who would be willing to fill me in on the needed accessories and such? i'd appreciate it much! thanks! rachel

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sorry for all the confusion guys, just learning how this weblog works!1/22/2005 5:42:45 PM
Rachel - check out for the getting started guide with cubase. (actually from nick)1/22/2005 6:05:48 PM
Nice picture!1/24/2005 9:42:31 PM
name not provided
Welcome aboard!1/24/2005 11:34:13 PM
Rachel, I'm interested in your experiences with cubasis. Let me know how it works for you and whether you recommend it.1/25/2005 10:11:33 AM
Rachel, do you have a MIDI keyboard? This is an indispensable tool for Cubasis. If you don't, check garage sales or ebay - they usually can be had for well under $50.1/28/2005 8:10:17 PM
peter, ha yea it migggght take me a bit to get around to that but once it is all ready to go and has been tampered with i'll let you know. however, i have heard that it is supposidly a good system. well, we'll see!2/4/2005 12:57:39 AM
nick, no i don't have a MIDI keboard. really?? wow well under $50 huh, not bad. thanks i'll definitely check that out.2/4/2005 12:59:12 AM
rachel- i think the keyboard at your house might be midi- you can just look at the back for a "multi-pronged" (for lack of a better word) jack.2/4/2005 10:39:47 AM
rachel, i hope everything worked out with the program. sorry i found this post so late, but i teach high school electronic music and i am available if you would like any help setting up your home recording studio. just e-mail me: jeanne123@gmail.com5/31/2005 12:22:36 PM
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